The West Side Market

The West Side Market is the place of dreams for foodies and the curious. As the oldest publicly owned Cleveland market, it’s more than just aisles of groceries…it’s an experience not to be missed. On a Saturday morning, Nana’s sister J took us to this fabulous market in Ohio City, a Cleveland neighborhood and we fell under the spell of…
A Byzantine inspired building with ceiling decorations that bid us look up

Come hither and buy called out vendors selling crips greens
And a pyramid of artichokes

A whole pig staring eerily from the back of the meat case

Fruit display artistry...plantains fanned about a grapefruit

Crusty, fresh  breads in rounds and rectangles

A smiling fish monger

And oh the cupcakes, hundreds of the tiny cakes in so many colorful flavors

Strawberries dipped in chocolate and bright shiny candy apples; a joy just to look at

And the shoppers...delighted smiles, happy patrons milling through the aisles of goodness experiencing the West Side Market in Cleveland.

The West Side Market in Cleveland cannot be missed, it's a wonderful experience.  Check out their website for more information. 

Can't wait to visit again. 


Nana said...

Great post of a really cool place!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. Now you give me a reason to visit Cleveland. When I was stationed to Tacoma, WA I used to go to the famous Pike's Place Market in Seattle, WA.

Anonymous said...

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