Seriously Seeking Spring

It’s been a long winter, but March is here and there’s snow glistening on the ground while overhead sunshine beams down and the world smells fresh and clean. How could I not venture outdoors on such a day? Could I find evidence of the promise of spring?

I looked up and beyond the branches of the tree in the front yard a dazzling blue canopy hung happy in the heavens. 

A few yards down the street bud-bedecked branches reached for spring...

With camera in hand and the sun warming my face I walked on toward the ornamental flowering fruit trees that create a lovely aisle of late-spring blossoms.  New buds positioned close to shriveled fruit seemed to be nudging the old out.

Across the highway and down a dead-end street a stand of trees flanked a creek where sunlight created a starry morning against the trickle of water.   
A few days later and the sun shines warmer.  A high in the 50s will melt what's left of the snow and I believe spring is just around the corner.
"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."  
~Hal Borland


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JoLyn said...

Oh these photos--and your words--make me so anxious for spring! The sun is out today--just a little hint of what's to come...

Thanks for letting me know about your beautiful place here. I'll be back often. :)