Something Important

There was something important I had to do this morning even before taking a shower. I woke up with an inexplicable urge to put nesting materials out for the birds. 

Hurrying to the basement, I harvested handfuls of dryer lint and wads of old used fabric softener sheets from the little trash can I keep in the laundry room. For once I was grateful that my husband never fully completes the job of taking out the trash. I found several week's worth of lint and dryer sheets... 

...then to the studio to raid my stash of left-over cotton yarn balls too little to make anything with but too good to throw away.

I sliced up strips of dryer sheets, cut strands of yarn, and fluffed up the lint to make it easier to be carried by beaks. Grabbing a sweater I rushed outside in pajama pants and slippers carrying the new home construction materials, all the while planning their easily accessible placements.

The deck table provided a good spot for a basket of soft white strips.

A basket of lint was placed on a post...

...and another found a home in the peach tree.

Colorful yarn strands were hung on the boxwood....

...and on forsythia branches.

Don't think I didn't go unnoticed. The birds saw me in their territory right away. One yelled in a staccato voice, "Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!"

Another asked, "What-Cha-Do? What-Cha-Do? What-Cha-Do?"

A bright red cardinal perched on the birdfeeder must have approved because he cocked his head and chirped, "Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!" before flitting away.

Now I wait, wait, wait, wait.
What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?
I'm going to take a shower and feel pretty, pretty, pretty.


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Carol said...

This must have been a wonderful morning.